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Every food service establishment is required to have an interior or exterior grease interceptor. Interceptors are installed to trap FOG (fats, oil, grease) and food and trash from entering the sewer system. When FOG enters the sanitary sewer system it causes blockages and sewer overflows. These overflows result in large fines to the municipality by Georgia EPD. This is why local municipalities or counties regulate grease trap maintenance so closely. Each municipality has its own set of regulations regarding size grease trap and frequency of pumping.


In addition to causing the local municipality problems with the sanitary sewer system, not maintaining your grease traps will cause back-ups inside your facility which can result in lost business. The local governing agency has authority to fine facilities if they do not maintain grease traps according to local ordinance.


Apex Environmental Services specializes in scheduled inspection, pumping and cleaning of grease traps as well as comprehensive drain line cleaning and preventative maintenance services. Consultation and estimates are free.